Brian Nguyen

Software Engineer • Data Scientist



As an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, I am studying computer science, where I am particularly interested in the applications of machine learning and web development. Currently, I am a Machine Learning Intern at, which is a start-up that focuses on machine learning research in the medical field. I am also involved in an awesome group with my roommates called Apartment 401. This is where we get to create awesome things and solve complex problems with our Berkeley brains! Although my work life is super busy, I also have a personal life to live and enjoy. I love eating pho, going to the gym, playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and binging on TV shows such as Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and The Office. If you want to discover more about me, please feel free to explore my website.

A Very Troll Night

Winter 2018

Airsoft War 2.0

Winter 2018

High School Graduation

Summer 2017

Ghiradelli Square

Spring 2017

High School Prom

Summer 2016

Senioritis Party

Summer 2017

Airsoft War 1.0

Summer 2017


Apartment 401

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